Following is an update re: Serum Amyloid Testing for our veterinary colleagues:

Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital (PVH) is pleased to announce the availability of a test for Serum Amyloid A (SAA). SAA is an acute phase reactant that is present in mammalian species. It is present in serum at a low (often undetectable) level in healthy animals. But the levels increase rapidly (within 4 hours) of the onset of an inflammatory reaction, and will continue to rise as long as the inflammation is present with peak levels 36-48 hours after the inflammatory insult. The half-life of this protein is short (30 minutes to 2 hours) so that values will fall rapidly after the inflammation subsides. SAA has been studied most extensively in horses but can also be used in dogs and cats to identify acute inflammation.  The SAA increases are apparent prior to increases in fibrinogen (by 36-48 hrs) and may also be apparent 2-4 hours before iron levels decline. This test can be run on serum/heparinized plasma/or body fluids. This test is run daily as the results decline by as much as 20% over 48 hours of storage. The reference interval is 0 -18ug/ml in horses.  


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  2. Christensen M, Jacobsen S, Ichiyanagi et al; Evaluation of an automated assay basedon monoclonal anti-huma serum amyloid A (SAA) antibodies for measurement of canine, feline and equine SAA. Vet Journal 2012; 194: 332-337.


PVH runs plasma ACTH levels on a daily basis and can guarantee results Monday to Friday within 4 hours of receipt of the sample as long as the samples (EDTA plasma) are in the laboratory by 3pm. Plasma ACTH levels run along with Insulin levels (serum or heparinized plasma) and a panel of chemistries that include triglyceride (metabolic panel) can be helpful in identifying various forms of the metabolic syndromes that exist in horses.

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