PVHer Profile: Stacey Sikorski

Introducing our PVHer Profiles series! This series of posts allows clients and friends to learn a little more about the veterinarians and staff at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital. If you have any suggestions or questions, just let us know!  To kick us off, we turn to ... Stacey!

Name: Stacey Sikorski

Position: Referral coordinator for the equine hospital, equine sponsorship and events coordinator

When did you join PVH? September 2002

Favorite part(s) of your job? Job is never the same day after day.

Hometown: Moodus, Connecticut

Education: B.S., genetics and cell biology, WSU

Tell us a little about your work background: I’ve been working with horses since the age of 14. I started working with Arabians at age 16, thought I wanted to be a veterinarian but really what I wanted was to be a trainer. I finished college and got the opportunity to work for Meadow Wood Farms as a show groom. Eventually I was promoted to head show groom, barn manager where I learned most of my skills. When the farm closed down, I found my way to PVH and "retired" from the horse show industry but still dabbled a little on the side working for Jeff Lee and Company, who eventually lured me back to the show world on a part-time basis.

What does your work day entail (no pun intended!)? At PVH, my day can include reviewing equine billing, scheduling for the surgical team, sponsorships, and just about anything else thrown my way.

A favorite patient success story? Magic’s. Magic had a compound fracture of a hind leg, went to surgery twice and has since healed and returned to active competition.

Your work-related super power? The ability to keep calm no matter what ER walks in the door

Any animal companions of your own?

  • High Spirrits, 23-year-old Arabian Gelding
  • OKW Annika, 8-year-old half-Arabian mare
  • MacKenzie, 8-year-old female Scottie
  • Angus, 8-year-old male Scottie 
Stacey and High Spirrits

Stacey and High Spirrits

Showing OKW Annika at Donida Farm

Showing OKW Annika at Donida Farm

MacKenzie (L) and Angus (R)

MacKenzie (L) and Angus (R)

What do you enjoy doing outside work? Watching baseball (huge Seattle Mariners fan), horseback riding, car shows, running my businesses 

I not only work at PVH and for Jeff Lee and Company, but I also run two other businesses on the side. I have a small boarding facility at home, and I run Equine Clipping Services, which is a mobile body clipping and show clipping service. I don't sit still well to say the least. 

Clipping a client's horse

Clipping a client's horse

Favorite animal-related activity in the Snohomish area/PNW? Horse shows of course!

What book is on your nightstand? No time to read – last book was by Stephen King, Doctor Sleep.

What’s in your music rotation right now? Aerosmith, Hinder, Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch – I lean toward the harder side of rock.